Hey! I'm Ryan.


I’m a New Jersey native at heart, and still in the mood for a good diner and road trip any time of day.

Originally from Bergen County, I spent my early days bustling through schoolwork and club activities, using my weekends and free-time on practicing music or hiking, and with my remaining free time playing games, hanging out, and discussing the finer points of the Star Wars Expanded Universe.


After graduating from Fair Lawn High School, I took to the scenic mountains of Binghamton University, studying at the Harpur College of Arts and Sciences.

Four years, numerous exam periods and several gallons of coffee later, I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree, double-majoring in English & Cinema, all while learning the ropes of cinematography, lighting, art direction, motion graphics, and more to further my passions in the world of filmmaking.

In my senior year, that led to my short film being shown during that fall’s Student Showcase, and the beginnings of an ongoing documentary film project.


Flash forward to nowadays, where I currently live in Queens, New York and work in video shooting/editing for theater productions and musicals in New York City.

When I’m not cutting promos, piecing together behind-the-scenes videos, or animating, I enjoy exploring what NYC has to offer, catching up with friends, hiking, reading, playing games, and seeing what the film world has to offer at the movie theater.

Sleeping is nice too, on occasion.